With a feel for families’ needs, innovative ideas and an outstanding price-performance ratio, WEINSBERG is a well-known name as a manufacturer of caravans, recreational vehicles (RVs), and caravanning utility vehicles (CUVs). For the new ‘CaraCore’ model, Westiform has produced thermoformed plastic parts for the interior and exterior of the RV.

Wheel house trim panels and trim strips on the exterior ensure a high-quality and design-oriented appearance. Vacuum moulding is employed to manufacture the components, which entails heating up the plastic until it is flexible and then suctioning it onto the deep-drawing tool custom-made specially for the customer. After undergoing a qualified cooling process, the plastic retains its given shape. The plastic is then further refined or processed on a customer-tailored basis for the customer.
From technical consulting to design, development, manufacturing, and logistics, Westiform supports you with full service as a general contractor.

Picture source: Knaus Tabbert GmbH; www.weinsberg.com

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