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The Freddie Mercury

The Swiss Education Group opened its first private hotel in Montreux and has dedicated it to the musical legend and its namesake, Freddie Mercury.

Westiform was contracted to create an interior and exterior signage concept for the contemporary five-storey hotel. Together with the client and with input from Queen music manager Jim Beach, Westiform designed the identification elements. All of the elements are in tune with one another and relate to important stages and events in the singer’s life.

The interior spaces feature foils with various motifs or colours that help guests to orient themselves. Westiform manufactured and installed the 89 room numbers in five different colours, with one colour for each story.

Westiform was responsible for not only the signage in the indoor areas but also for the exterior identification elements. A 5.7-metre-high pylon was installed along with illuminated lettering measuring 3850 mm x 395 mm.

The most striking feature, however, is the silhouette of the singer made of finely crafted foil that creates an impressive embossed effect on the glass elements.

For The Freddie Mercury, Westiform designed the interior signage and exterior lettering, was responsible for the survey, production and installation on-site, as well as all of the project management. It was certainly a unique assignment.

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