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Silke Habermann Friseure

Silke Habermann Friseure is one of the top hairdressers in Offenburg. For their new hair salon, Westiform was commissioned as a general contractor to complete the entire shopfitting as well as the branch design in ‘urban style’. In addition to the interior fittings, including drywall and electrical installation, Westiform equipped the hair salon with illuminated advertising systems, elements for the display window lighting, and work furniture.

Already in the entrance area, customers are greeted at a modern counter with ‘urban-style’ lamps. A 2.50-metre-high and 1.60-metre-wide wf | Mira illuminated sign creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

One special feature is the LED light canopy. It is steplessly dimmable via an app and it achieves up to 2,000 lux in the working area.

In the outside area, already from the street, the 2.50-metre-long and 0.30-metre-high wf | Sirius illuminated lettering which reads ‘Silke Habermann Friseure’ draws customers’ attention. The illuminated lettering has a low structural depth of just 24 millimetres, is water-tight, and has a service life of approx. 50,000 operating hours. Energy-efficient LEDs ensure homogeneous illumination.

Westiform concluded the entire project from conceptual design to planning, development, delivery, and commissioning within just eight weeks.

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