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MORELO is one of the most successful manufacturers of recreational vehicles (RVs) in Europe and offers its customers outstanding quality and excellent comfort. For the ‘MORELO PALACE’, Westiform produces various design-oriented, technical plastic parts for interior and exterior.

The technical plastic parts include chrome decorative trim panels, a trim panel on the dashboard for the navigation device, and illuminated trim panels on the rear of the luxury RV.
In the production of the components, ABS/PMMA plastic, including special ABS, receives an electroplated finish. In the deep-drawing procedure, the plastic is heated up until it is flexible and then suctioned onto the prepared deep-drawing tool. After cooling down, the plastic retains its given shape. A particular challenge lay in enhancing the plastic parts in order to attain an optimum solution in terms of appearance, feel, and weight.
From technical consulting to design, development, manufacturing, and logistics, Westiform provides you with full service as a general contractor for RV manufacturers.

Bildquelle: Knaus Tabbert GmbH; www.morelo.de

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