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Wieland-Werke AG

Wieland Werke AG is one of the world's leading specialists in copper and copper alloys and offers sustainable and innovative solutions for industry with its products, services, and technologies.

In the course of the company’s corporate identity change, Westiform developed the advertising concept for the new, uniform brand presence of the entire group of companies and was also responsible for the production and delivery of the new corporate identity elements for all locations worldwide.
The first converted locations included the headquarters in Ulm and the location in Vöhringen.
The most striking illuminated signage element is the 17-metre-long and 3.35-metre-high illuminated ‘wieland’ lettering at the Vöhringen site. Through its size and homogeneous illumination with energy-efficient, red LEDs, it has an impressive, long-distance visual impact and makes the site visible from far away. Thanks to our built-in wf | Libra lighting control, the lettering can be optimally adapted to daylight and the permissible light emission levels.
The product portfolio for the entire group of companies also encompasses a variety of illuminated lettering signs between six and 12 metres in length and up to 2.36 metres in width, various illuminated and unlit guidance pylons, as well as filmed aluminium composite signs for orientation purposes at the respective site premises.
Westiform was active in this project from planning and development to production and installation as the general contractor.

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