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Uelzena eG

Uelzena eG supplies industrial manufacturers of baked goods, confectionery products, desserts, and other food products throughout Europe. For their new high-bay warehouse on the grounds of their dairy in Uelzen, Northern Germany, Westiform produced an oval tensioned-canvas sign boasting a long-distance visual impact.

The twelve-metre-long and about five-metre-high tensioned-canvas sign is a real eye-catcher even from far away. The illuminated sign is covered with a white tensioned canvas with red and blue highly durable foil applied to it. The coloured foil is cut out to display the white “Uelzena” lettering and logo contour.
The tensioned-canvas sign was installed on the support structure of the building façade over a special substructure. Energy-efficient LEDs ensure homogeneous illumination.
A special feature of the tensioned-canvas sign is its built-in surface heating, lending it great weather resistance and preventing ice build-up.
Westiform was active in this project from planning and development to production and installation as the general contractor.

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