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Around 170 retail shops and service providers are housed on a sales area of 38,000 m² at the Skyline Plaza shopping centre in Frankfurt. One of the vendors is Saturn, offering up to 100,000 of the latest brand products from the electronics and entertainment industry. In order to present its range of goods effectively as one of many in the large shopping centre, Saturn depends on attention-grabbing exterior and interior signage from Westiform.

Measuring 35 metres in length, the shop’s entrance is illuminated in typical Saturn orange
and attracts attention from a great distance.
The arched design of the entrance enhances the special effect.
The arch, made of orange acrylic sheet, was joined together in segments with invisible splicing plates and then installed on an aluminium casing. It is illuminated with energy-efficient LEDs in orange and white.
The entrance’s arch also features an illuminated Saturn sign and logo measuring 6 metres long and 1.25 metres high.
The lettering is made of a stainless steel frame with an acrylic sheet front and LED illumination.
In addition, Westiform installed 10 arched, dimmable illuminated lettering elements of various sizes between 2.50 and 6 metres long in the exterior area of the shopping centre.
Westiform was also responsible for implementing a directional system for the centre and the parking garage. Double-sided illuminated transparencies with LEDs and numerous non-illuminated signs and steles guide customers to Saturn.
Attention-grabbing signs in the Skyline Plaza shopping centre
Attention-grabbing signs in the Skyline Plaza shopping centre

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