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Knaus Tabbert

Knaus Tabbert is one of the leading manufacturers of leisure vehicles in Europe and offers its customers a wide range of motorhomes, caravans, and camper vans (CUV).

Knaus Tabbert provides its dealers with modern and innovative POS elements from Westiform to create attractive product and brand presentations for leisure vehicles. A combination of customer-specific analogue and digital elements create an eye-catching and effective presentation of the brands directly at the point of sale.

A variety of flag poles and a Westiform pylon measuring 5.40 m in the exterior area immediately draw attention to the Knaus Tabbert dealerships. The pylon’s special feature means that each dealer can select which brand logos they want to have affixed to their pylon, resulting in foils representing only the brands that they offer at their specific location.
Additionally, the 1000 mm x 1000 mm brand logos can also be installed on the fascia of the building's exterior. Plastic panels are used, with the corresponding brand logos screen or digitally printed and vacuum moulded. The individual dealership’s name or the desired Knaus Tabbert brands are then added to some of the panels as foils. The brand logos are illuminated with energy-efficient LEDs.

Our POS elements also catch customers’ attention in the interior spaces. Various counters and desks of different sizes, sideboards and (mobile) area displays are all put in place for sales discussions. Flower arrangements and groups of lawn chairs set up around the leisure vehicles right at the point of sale put customers in a holiday mood.

With a clever combination of digital signage solutions, Westiform also sets the perfect multimedia stage to show off the Knaus Tabbert products. The 55-inch and 49-inch screens display current model information about the Knaus Tabbert brands that are offered by the dealer. Westiform is responsible for operating the content management system as well as managing the content.

As a general contractor, Westiform is handling the project right from conception all the way through development, manufacturing, delivery and installation.

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