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CHG-MERIDIAN AG is a supplier of technology management solutions in the fields of IT, industry, and healthcare and employs more than 1.000 people in over 20 countries. For its headquarters in Weingarten, Westiform has created a real-glass stele for outdoor use. This stele attracts the attention of passing drivers to the company, already from the road in front of the building.

The five-metre-high and 1.50-meter-wide real glass real-glass stele consists of three individual steles installed in a row, offset from each other both laterally and in terms of height. Each of the three steles consists of six clear-glass panels between six and 15 millimetres thick.

A particular challenge was posed by the static design of the real-glass panels, as well as the anchoring method. For this, a combination of four glass panels were employed for structural stability purposes, while for the outside fronts, two additional panels with the logos ‘CHG’ and ‘Efficient Technology Management’ were installed. The stele is lit up by specially coordinated and energy-efficient LED lights.

Westiform was active in this project from planning and production to delivery and installation as a general contractor.

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