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Vodafone Digital Signage

For the telecommunications provider Vodafone, Westiform has produced an extremely effective digital-signage solution meant to make their shop in Berlin especially visible even from far off. This way, passers-by notice the store from the street.

Vodafone had long been seeking an alternative to the traditional monitor in their display window area. They were impressed by Westiform’s digital signage solution: two LED walls have been installed on the left and right of the entrance. These consist of glass LED displays, boasting a high rate of transparency – at over 70%. This means that even with the full surface of the display illuminated, customers can still see inside the store and or can look outside from within.
Another special feature of the displays is their full daylight compatibility. An unbelievable 5,500 nits ensure impressive, high-resolution, moving images, even when the sun is beating down.
The glass LED displays show current Vodafone advertising campaigns in real time. The size of the display surface is highly variable and can be adapted to on-site conditions.
Westiform was active in this project from planning and production to delivery, installation, and commissioning as a general contractor.

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