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Skoda DS Communication Wall

​The Skoda Centre in Wolfsburg is one of the largest in the region. To show current advertisements, Skoda uses an eye-catching digital signage solution from Westiform.

The new Skoda communication wall presents the latest offers from the company on a 22 m² display. With a screen height of 3.8 metres and a width of 5.8 metres, the screen is only 60 mm deep.

A special feature of the screens is the high resolution; a pixel pitch of 7 mm ensures excellent image quality. The sizes of the screens as well as the resolution are variable and can be adapted individually to each Skoda location.

Along with the hardware, Westiform also provides the content management system (CMS) as well as interface programming that enables Skoda to import the various contents into the CMS themselves. A huge advantage of the CMS is that the contents can be changed anywhere in the world and at any time using a smart phone. 

The rest of the product portfolio for Skoda includes a pylon with screen that also displays the latest advertisement clips from Skoda. 

Westiform successfully wrapped up the entire project as the general contractor, from the planning, development, delivery and up to the installation. ​Westiform's individual financing and leasing concepts offer every single Skoda dealer enough flexibility. 

Furthermore, Westiform provides “retro-fits” to expand existing Skoda communication walls with more screens.

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