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Media Markt Digital Signage

The electronics retailer Media Markt belongs to the Media-Saturn Group and is at the forefront amongst electronics stores in Europe, boasting over 850 retail locations worldwide. At their store inside the NordWestZentrum shopping centre in Frankfurt, Germany, Westiform has installed an attention-grabbing LED video wall for external digital signage.

The 4.25-metre-high and eight-metre-wide video wall is a real eye-catcher for Media Markt customers even from far away, featuring a 4.80-millimetre pixel pitch. High-resolution images and videos of current Media Markt promotions provide active and emotional appeal to customers.
A particular challenge lay in the integration of the video wall into the existing entrance portal. For this purpose, the 70 LED modules were mounted on a specially created steel substructure using a rail system.
Westiform was active in this project from planning and production to delivery and installation as a general contractor.

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