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Westiform has manufactured the external lettering for the new football stadium in Lucerne, the swissporarena. The up-to-two-meter-high LED-illuminated letters and logo elements are fixed to an overhanging façade. The power consumption is minimal thanks to sophisticated brightness control.

Westiform has manufactured three large illuminated signs for the swissporarena, which were mounted at a height of 16 meters. For maximum stability, the acrylic letters were manufactured in interlocking construction. Each letter is individually screwed to the overhanging pilaster strips by means of vertical construction sections. The letters and the three points of the swissporarena logo are fitted with high-quality LEDs.

A sophisticated technology ensures minimal power consumption. A daylight control automatically adapts the brightness of the illuminated signage to the ambient light. The luminosity of the red and blue letters is controlled separately. This system makes it possible for the human eye always to perceive the lettering as of constant brightness. At the same time, the colour-dependent control further reduces power consumption.

The concept and corporate design of the swissporarena was developed and monitored by the advertising agency sli.communication in Horw.

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