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The bicycle manufacturer raceextract has opened its flagship store in Kehl with a sales floor covering 1,000 square meters. The neon signs, letterings, advertising steles and digital signage elements were all manufactured by Westiform.

Westiform has extensive experience with a huge range of visual communication elements designed to promote sales. Everything is supplied from a single source: we plan, produce, deliver and install your shop fitting elements.

The heart of the raceextract branding elements is the two-and-a-half-meter-high and 12-meter-long LED neon sign. In daytime, the logo and a part of the lettering appear black, while at night they are lit up in white. This is made possible by half-tone printing applied directly to the acrylic panel.

Steles with lettering inside the store direct customers to the various departments. At the same time, the steles serve as displays for a wide range of products. The wall-mounted lettering at the counters and in the lobby were also supplied by Westiform.

Because a dynamic image is part and parcel of raceextract business, the company also advertises its products and services digitally and can therefore instantly adapt advertising messages as required. Westiform supplied the digital signage solution required for this purpose with two 55-inch full HD LED displays. An intuitive web-based software enables raceextract to easily upload the content itself and to manage it at all times, regardless of location.

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