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The ara region bern is a trendsetting wastewater treatment plant in Switzerland. An effective labelling and a multifunctional entrance area to the plant gives the visitors a modern and appealing welcome.

The ara region bern purifies around 90 million litres of water daily and has established itself as a producer of renewable energy. They have been certified on several occasions for their energy efficiency and environmental principles. For their visual communication, the company relies on Westiform as an innovative and sustainable partner.

In front of the main gate an intricate and energy-saving illuminated sign marks the modern wastewater treatment plant. After entering the site, the visitor is greeted by an exceptional reception in new building. In front of the first closed door a multimedia screen inset into a glass facade displays messages. At the same time it also shows the phone numbers of ara region bern’s employees. The visitors can announce their visit to the respective contact person by using the phone that is also inset into the glass facade.
While the visitor waits for the employee, he is welcomed with individual information or general news about the ara region bern. Also inset into the glace facade is a badge reader, allowing employees to enter the building. This modern solution facilitates the reception process considerably and welcomes the visitors in an attractive manner.

As a general contractor, Westiform carried out the caption and digital signage project from A to Z: From consulting to planning to installation, commissioning and maintenance. For the digital signage solution, a high-quality energy-efficient 46" screen, suitable for continuous operation, was used. The content management is handled by means of a professional software which is controlled in the cloud. ara region bern’s employees were trained thoroughly in the operation of the digital signage solution. Westiform provides seamless service - even after a project is completed successfully.

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