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Westiform has produced unusual illuminated lettering for the electric bicycle manufacturer Stromer: the lettering is black during the day, but the letters glow white at night. This is made possible by a special printing process.

The Stromer company (BMC Group) manufactures its trendy electric bicycles in Oberwangen in the canton of Bern. The company’s new glass, concrete and wood building reflects its innovative spirit. The illuminated identification elements have to fit the overall appearance perfectly.

Westiform has designed, manufactured and installed three illuminated letterings for Stromer. The front side of the lettering is fitted with a fine screen of printed and non-printed dots. The printing was applied directly to the acrylic glass. This technique makes it possible for the illuminated signage elements to appear black during the day, while the LED-illuminated letters glow white at night.

Mounting the lettering on the main facade of the building represented a particular challenge. Before mounting the louvre elements, Westiform secured a supporting structure to which each letter was individually fixed. A screen ensures that the lettering is easily legible during the day as well.

In order to reduce energy consumption, Westiform fitted the illuminated signage elements with the wf I Libra light control system. This system allows the brightness of the installation to be regulated very easily by remote control at all times.

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