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The frameless Sky-Frame sliding window combines engineering ingenuity with timeless aesthetics. Sky-Frame also did not make any compromises in the illuminated signage of its newly built company headquarters in Frauenfeld. A special suspension was developed to delicately attach them to the completely glazed façade.

The attachment of illuminated signage to a completely glazed façade requires great skill to maintain the overall impression of the building. Westiform worked together with the architect to develop a delicate suspension. 
The letters with a height of a 1.50 meters are held from the top and bottom by narrow steel swords installed directly in the façade. A clearance of around 50 cm from the façade gives off a floating impression. The supply cables are routed through the steel swords into the building interior where the converters have been installed in the hollow floor for easy servicing.
Every acrylic sheet letter consists of several individual parts to create a perfect 3D impression. The letters are held together on the back by a rivetless and screwless ground plate. This makes the view of the company logo attractive from the inside of the building as well – simply read as a mirror image!
Westiform installed 540 LED components for a single lettering of 13 meters in length. The letters are equipped with the wf I Libra dimmer system. This automatically adapts the luminosity to the ambient light and ensures an ideal lighting effect at all times. Sky-Frame can use the remote control to also regulate the brightness manually as required.

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