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Roy Robson

The Swiss Roy Robson flagship store in a prime location in Zurich is investing in contemporary advertising with digital signage manufactured by Westiform. Three screens in the store window display highlights from the current fashion collection.

A flattering view from three perspectives. An outfit appears on the three portrait-shaped, 46-inch screens once as a complete image and twice in detail. The high-definition video with dynamically changing perspectives is projected on three displays and catches the attention of shoppers passing by.

Acting as general contractor, Westiform planned, installed and programmed the content of the digital signage project for Roy Robson. Westiform is also responsible for the content management.

Westiform also manufactured the illuminated signage for the Zurich flagship store and the store in Bern. The slim-line illuminated transparencies made of varnished aluminium with raised lettering elegantly fulfil the strict standards for listed heritage buildings.

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