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Illuminated signage for Minergie buildings

Renggli AG is a specialist in eco-friendly residential construction with wood and also a pioneer of the Minergie standards. Energy efficiency is imperative when it comes to designing illuminated lettering for the company’s own manufacturing premises.

The new Renggli AG production building in Schötz is setting the highest standards in terms of sustainability. The expansion is based on an energy-efficient building design and conforms to Minergie guidelines. A photovoltaic system on the roof provides clean electricity together with a small hydroelectric power plant.

It is hardly surprising that Renggli also attaches great importance to finding a sustainable and innovative solution for the lettering of the signage on its company premises. Westiform is fitting the new building with energy-saving LED illuminated lettering.

The anthracite-coloured advertising unit is made of acrylic glass and back-illuminated with warm, indirect light at night. The installation of the 1.93-metre-high illuminated letters on the uneven surface of the high-quality wooden shingle façade posed a particular challenge. Using special seals and stainless-steel screw connections, Westiform succeeded in completing the installation on the valuable wooden façade.

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