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Kantonsspital Obwalden - WALDACHIN

Light gives us moments of reflection and happiness. For example, when the sun penetrates the forest canopy with its spring foliage. Westiform simulated the light effect in the forest for the WALDACHIN art project.

WALDACHIN is an art and building project initiated by the artist Isabelle Krieg and the architect Ralph Alan Mueller. The 4-square-metre panoramic photograph features the treetops of a deciduous forest. The installation is located on the ceiling of a corridor connecting the old part of Obwalden cantonal hospital with the new.

The technical implementation of the WALDACHIN project required a high level of specialist knowledge as no standard products are involved, and the demands were high. Westiform used the technique of the wf I Mira illuminated transparency for the illumination. The photography is printed on a translucent textile cloth stretched across an aluminium frame. The frame was attached horizontally to the sloping ceiling using pendulums.

The light generated by the 1,176 LED components is distributed evenly over the entire surface and illuminates the various shades of green in natural fashion. The installation is connected to the central facility management system. The brightness can be modified individually.

WALDACHIN was implemented in collaboration with the Plotfactory company which is responsible for the high-quality printing and stretched the textile cloth over the frame. The four pillars which breach the installation represented a particular challenge in the process.


Forest canopy photography

Architecture photography

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