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Hotel Schweizerhof

For the Hotel Schweizerhof in Bern, which is steeped in tradition and recently reopened, Westiform has manufactured a whole range of lettering and directional system elements. The hotel’s 123 illuminated room signs were also developed by Westiform.

For the total refurbishment of this hotel from the Belle Epoque in the heart of Bern, attention was paid to every detail. The 680-millimeter-high Schweizerhof illuminated lettering on the main façade and the smaller lettering on the north side are illuminated with power-saving LEDs. The harmony of the façade is retained thanks to discreet fixing technology.

Under the arcades, Westiform renewed the illuminated transparencies of the Schweizerhof and the adjoining business premises. These slim, double-sided illuminated transparencies of aluminium feature push-through and backlit acrylic glass lettering. The suspension by means of a steel pendulum is delicate and elegant.

Westiform developed and manufactured the directional system in the interior of the hotel. Steles and signs were manufactured from acrylic glass to which a foil was applied. The design of the directional system is reflected in the room signs, which were also manufactured by Westiform. These are fabricated from acrylic glass and lacquered aluminium and discreetly illuminated with an LED strip. If a guest does not wish to be disturbed, a red circle lights up around the chrome steel bell button.

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Illuminated Lettering
Illuminated Lettering

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