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In 30 metres above the ground a more than 20 years old illuminated lettering of the traditional Hotel Edelweiss in Engelberg shines in a new light. In a breathtaking scenery, Westiform exchanged the old neon bulbs with energy-saving LEDs and cleaned the system inside and out. Through this modernisation, the energy consumption is reduced by 70 percent.

Since more than 100 years the Hotel Edelweiss in Engelberg stands for a relaxing holiday with beautiful views of the Titlis glacier. Regarding energy issues, the hotel pursues a consistent strategy. The Edelweiss has invested in a solar system, which is supplemented by water power, and the hotel supplies itself solely with clean green energy. All renovations have the goal of energy efficiency. Including the modernisation of the illuminated lettering Edelweiss on the rooftop of the hotel - performed by Westiform.

The one metre high and eight metres long illuminated sign was converted on the spot from neon to energy-saving LED. Yellow LEDs were used to achieve brilliant colour effects. The energy consumption of the signage system has been reduced by 70 percent. In addition, the system is more favourable in future maintenance, replacement parts can be purchased at lower prices. 
To convert from neon to LED, Westiform offers a service package that is unique in the signage industry. The existing system stays in use, lamps are replaced locally. Usually, the lettering system does not even have to be dismantled. The cost is minimal, the brand remains visible at all times. In addition, the mercury-containing neon systems are disposed by Westiform, adhering to laws, and the old system is cleaned on the inside and outside. After modernization, the signage shines almost like new at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

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