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Neon vs. LED, Convincing through Speed and Price

The Freudenberg pharmacy in Bern provides for a new shine with a major overhaul of its signage. In just one day, the illuminated lettering was upgraded directly on the spot with LEDs. The resulting energy savings achieved and improved appearance by day and night speak for itself.

For several decades, the 5 metre long and 0.3 metre high lettering "Freudenberg Apotheke" marks the building of traditional company in Bern. Individual letters of the aged signage system no longer lit up at night. Westiform was assigned with the repair.
Instead of replacing the neon systems in use, Westiform recommended that the customer switch to LEDs. Freudenberg pharmacy was immediately convinced by the many advantages of this solution. The pharmacy can reduce the power consumption of their signage by 80 percent and thus reduce the annual energy costs. In addition, the system is more favourable in future maintenance, replacement parts can be purchased at lower prices.
To convert from neon to LED, Westiform offers a service package that is unique in the signage industry.  The existing system stays in use, lamps are replaced locally. Usually, the lettering system does not even have to be dismantled. The cost is minimal, the brand remains visible at all times. In addition, the mercury-containing neon systems are disposed by Westiform, adhering to laws, and the old system is cleaned on the inside and outside. After modernization, the signage shines almost like new at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

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