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ENDNER Wohnideen

"ENDNER Wohnideen" is the interior decorating and kitchen specialist for high-quality design in the Heilbronn vicinity. Westiform handled the planning, production, delivery and installation of the complete outdoor signalisation for its new grand opening.

The most striking elements of the new outdoor signalisation are the three LED "ENDNER" lettering elements. A particular challenge was the attachment of one of the three lettering elements to the bronze-coloured façade, which consists of individual curtain cassette elements with differing edges. 
Westiform collaborated with the façade builder to develop a special substructure which can be used to mount the lettering on the building's main entry side using locking bolts installed in the façade components. 
This façade lettering is designed with white acrylic sheet and silver-coloured translucent foil to achieve a better contrast with the new façade. The remaining two lettering elements were mounted on a grey concrete façade and completed with a black&white acrylic sheet front.
Each of the three lettering elements measure 7.0 x 1.90 in size and are extremely slim with a depth of 12 cm. They are illuminated with energy-saving powerful white LEDs. 
Westiform has also provided a 4.35 x 1.35-m pylon with double-sided lighting and a 7.0 x 4.50-m Banner Lifter which hangs over the entrance and points out new products in the furniture store. Since the Banner Lifter is changed several times a year, a simple change method was required. This is achieved using a removable crank which can be easily handled by anyone.

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