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CenterPark Visp

Westiform has installed an advertising system unique to Switzerland in Visp: On the CenterPark’s facade across from the train station, advertising is shown on LED displays with a total length of 26 metres. The content can be updated in real time.

With the opening of the Lötschberg basis tunnel the trainstation in Visp as become an ideal location for a large format advertising system. Such a system has been installed on the facade of the business building CenterPark. The LED system cannot be missed from the entrance of the train station. Despite its length of 26 metres, the system meets the eye in an elegant way because it is perfectly aligned with the building.

The advertising system consists of two aligned LED displays, and together they form an advertising space of about 31 square metres. Videos, images, news, and web content can be broadcasted on these displays. The content can be adjusted by the operator Centerpark AG from anywhere and in real time.

Westiform realised the project from A to Z: From planning to first content creation through to installation and maintenance. The heart of the advertising system is the software Navori that can be accessed from anywhere, and with any browser. With the CMS, various content sections can be created and playlists or database content can be integrated.

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