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Bazaar de Cologne

On roundabout 20,000 square metres, the Bazaar de Cologne offers attractive retail areas in downtown Cologne. Golden lettering elements emphasise the best location of this shopping mall with a subtle elegance and do so throughout the entire visual appearance.

The Bazaar de Cologne has window front of about 80 metres alone on the side facing Mittelstrasse, one of the most exclusive shopping boulevards in Cologne. About a third of the total area is used by renowned brand labels as retail space. In addition, office space, high-quality apartments and two parking garages are housed in the Bazaar de Cologne.

The lettering of the commercial complex should look classy and elegant. Therefore we opted for gold as a visual base element. The remote identification is made up of two delicate, golden LED letterings. The letters are 42 inches high and are lit indirectly.

The business complex is ringed by a contour band. It picks up the gold of the illuminated signs perfectly and it elegantly keeps the parts of the building visually together. The contour belt runs about 50 meters, is only 20 millimetres deep and 20 inches high. Since it is located in the near vision area, Westiform has designed a special suspension, in which the screws are hidden. The contour belt looks very valuable and it almost seems to float.

Also, the signage was also realized by Westiform. 74 Acrylic panels on gold coloured base plates were attached to the tenant panels around the building complex. In addition, 29 signs inside the building show visitors their way around.

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