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Blazing Signs

In the center of Olten stands a 24-metre high neon sculpture designed by Christopher T. Hunziker until the end of January. The piece of art was realised in cooperation with Westiform.

The Illuminated Needle is facing the Old Catholic Church in the immediate vicinity of the Kunsthaus Olten. It is part of the exhibition of the Kunsthaus (Art House) "... like the shadow the light", dedicated to the use of light and dark in art.

The delicate neon sculpture towers over the roofs of the houses in the old town and has lights visitors from afar the way. The artwork was created in the workshops and with the expertise of Westiform. The construction moved along the line of feasibility: the "Red Line" was made of aluminium telescopic poles. Then delicate neon systems were mounted in clear glass filled with bright red glowing neon.

The Illuminated Needle is extremely elastic. It stands alone on a base and comes without any backups. When the sculpture sways with the wind and traces a line of light into the night sky, the structural risk is physically palpable. Christopher T. Hunziker and Westiform look back on a long-standing collaboration.

Website Kunstmuseum Olten:
Website Christopher T. Hunziker:
Weitere Werke von Christopher T. Hunziker und Westiform: http://www.westiform.com/References/Light-art/Bad-Ragartz


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