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Customer since: 2005
Solutions: special projects
Products & services: large-scaled signs, illuminated signs, dimmable LED's, consultancy, engineering, manufacture, installation
Countries: Germany

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Signage with Dimmable LEDs

Würth relys on clever advertising with LED solutions by Westiform. Particularly impressive is the system of the high-bay warehouse in Künzelsau. The brand image is gigantic 7 metres wide, individual letters are 4.5 metres high. Dimmable LEDs, which optimally adapt to the ambient brightness, ensure high energy efficiency.

Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG is active in the fastening technology worldwide. For over 40 years, the company relies on visualising its brand with Westiform, and is still highly satisfied. For the past fiscal year we have now been awarded by Würth as an A-supplier.
The Würth corporate design elements that Westiform may produce, range from illuminated lettering, illuminated transparency, banners and pylons, up to advertising towers and much more.
Particularly impressive is the system on the high-bay warehouse in Kürzelsau. The brand image is gigantic 7 metres; the letters are up to 4.5 metres high. Each element is coated with a translucent plastics stretch cloth and a colour film. The dimmable LEDs, which are optimally adapted to the ambient brightness, provide maximum energy efficiency.

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