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Striking architecture by Daniel Libeskind makes the Westside leisure and shopping complex in Bern stand out and has raised the bar in terms of new aesthetic standards. The high demands are reflected in both the exterior and interior visual image. Westiform has implemented the architectural concepts in a unique way and designed, planned, manufactured and assembled the exterior and interior visual image as well as the signage in two stages.

Innovation and individuality take centre stage at the Westside in Bern. This applies equally to the building, the design and the elements that Westiform developed, planned, manufactured and assembled for the unique shopping complex. It delivered a total of 10 Westside signs, the directional system and lettering for seven tenant shops and the elderly persons’ home.

Special mention must be made of the logo with exposed bulbs. To fulfil the architect’s expectations, Westiform used a special printing method to create a solution that is unique within Switzerland.

A total of 155 elements were manufactured for the directional system, each of which contains individualised content. These include directories and maps, as well as ceiling signs, pylons and coloured lights below the escalators in the interior and exterior areas – all of which help visitors at the Westside find their way around perfectly. The most impressive part of the overall concept is the interaction between the architecture, signage and aesthetics, and it is composed of individualised solutions developed specifically for the customer and focusing on an attractively staged shopping and leisure experience. 

>> Inside: Reference as pdf
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>> Routing: Reference as pdf

Customer since: 2007
Solutions: special projects, directional systems
Products & services: illuminated lettering, steles, pylons signs, consultancy, engineering, prototyping, manufacture, installation
Countries: Switzerland

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