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US company Westinghouse has fitted its German head office in Mannheim with energy-efficient illuminated signage and an elegant guidance system from Westiform. Westiform and Westinghouse – do you notice anything special? The prefix "Westi" is identical and that is no coincidence.

Let us go back in time to the year 1947: Westinghouse, a company active in the electrical engineering branch, opens a neon-technology factory in Lausanne. In 1959, the Imfeld family takes over the neon-tube production from Westinghouse in a buyout move. Westineon – known today as Westiform – is thus created. From the beginning, Niklaus Imfeld, main shareholder and president of the board of Westiform, was actively involved.

A shared history connects people and companies, which is why we are particularly pleased to have Westinghouse as one of our customers.
We manufactured Westinghouse's very first exterior advertising element in 2000. As the neon-operated system became outdated over time, it has now been replaced with the latest LED technology. The energy savings amount to a maximum of 90 percent.

Westiform fitted Westinghouse with two roof signs, an illuminated sign over the main entrance, a non-illuminated wall sign and panels for a guidance system. From consulting and manufacturing to installation: As general contractor, Westiform delivered a complete service. The illuminated advertising elements were equipped with the wf I Libra dimmer system, reducing energy consumption to a minimum.

The guidance system serves as an orientation for the 9500-m2 premises. Several double-sided laminated panels help visitors and employees find their way around. The ground screw foundations were affixed without concrete – an elegant and subtle solution.

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