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Shopping, working, enjoying, learning: the Welle 7 concept centre located right inside Berne railway station impresses everyone with its multifunctionality spread over eight decks and approx. 10,000 m². Its services are aimed primarily at commuters and their needs. Westiform enhanced the imposing building with impressive exterior lettering visible from a distance and 39 filigree interior logo elements.

In August 2016, the ultra-modern Welle 7 concept centre was opened in the heart of Switzerland’s capital city. Westiform advised the project team on the building’s signage and assumed responsibility for the surveying, planning, engineering, production and installation of the exterior and entire interior visual identity. The rooftop-mounted sign, with a length of 6.4 metres and an upper-case height of 1.7 metres, shows passers-by the way to Welle 7 both day and night. The interior space features wf | Sirius illuminated lettering with a minimal construction depth of 34 mm that delivers an elegant image, homogeneous appearance and individualised branding for the tenant shops’ signage.
The illuminated lettering is equipped with energy-efficient LED technology and can also be dimmed using the wf | Libra remote control to suit the ambient light conditions.
Thomas Meyer, project head for Welle 7, gave the collaborative effort top marks: “We are very satisfied with the consulting, implementation and installation provided by Westiform and are convinced that we will continue to be pleased with the lower maintenance costs.” 

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Impressive illuminated lettering at a distance
Impressive illuminated lettering at a distance

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