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Vodafone Mobile Branding Elements

Brand elements create individual identities. Therefore, they should not be missing in both external as well as internal events. Especially when the event does not take place on one‘s own premises. To this end, Westiform was responsible for the production of two high-quality mobile brand elements for Vodafone that can be used at trade shows, customer events and also for in-house events.

An internal event for Vodafone sales managers at the Congress Centre in Berlin marked the beginning of the production of two mobile Vodafone brand elements. Since this event did not take place in their own premises, a branding identity at the venue was an absolute must for Vodafone. Vodafone's relies on two luminous Vodafone logos by Westiform.

Completely made of acrylic glass, the high quality and durable light logos are made for use in interior and exterior areas. They are mounted on a steel structure with a diameter of three meters. For transportation, the free-standing trademark elements are taken apart into individual parts. The illuminated logos fascinate visitors and attract all the attention as eye catchers.

Since 2010, Westiform has been providing Vodafone mainly in Germany and the Middle East with facade bands, individual letters and illuminated signs for outdoor use. For indoor use, Westiform provides point-of-sale products such as pillars or information boards. So far Westiform has equipped approximately 300 dealers.

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