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Illuminated advertising elements in red guide customers from afar to Vodafone shops. Among other products, Westiform has developed illuminated transparencies for the telecommunications provider that extend over three storeys. The covering of acrylic sheet lends the product a rich colour effect and presented a tricky challenge for the designers.

The illuminated sign measures 10 metres in length: Several acrylic sheet panels had to be joined to create a sign of this size. The Westiform specialists paid careful attention to ensure that the joins were as smooth as possible. Westiform succeeded in creating an aesthetically perfect and uniform surface.

The acrylic sheet panels were inserted laterally into the aluminium profile without using screws. The interior of the illuminated sign consists of a steel frame, to which high-performance LED modules are attached. The illuminated signs are fitted with an automatic lighting control system. This regulates the brightness depending on the ambient light. The result is a pleasant lighting effect and significant energy savings.

Westiform also manufactures POS products such as blister-pack racks and logo elements for the interior of Vodafone shops. Around 300 Vodafone points-of-sale have so far been equipped with the updated image.

Westiform has designed additional sophisticated products for Vodafone. These include a logo with a diameter of three metres. The visuals were applied with screen printing, and the shells were vacuum moulded. The pulsating drop is the centrepiece: Westiform created perfect animated graphics that precisely matched the customer's wishes. Despite its size, the system uses only 0.6 kilowatts of energy.

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