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Westiform realizes the new corporate design of the Vaudoise Insurance Group in illuminated advertising. Around 100 locations are being identified with energy-saving Westiform illuminated advertising elements throughout Switzerland.

The lettering elements are comprised of illuminated lettering, light boxes and pylons. The Westiform products were convincing with harmonious, true color and simultaneously energy-saving illumination and high-quality implementation.

Long-lasting high-performance LEDs were used as illuminants. A control unit developed by Westiform automatically adapts the luminescence of the LEDs to the ambient light. This way, the illuminated advertising appears to have the same brightness for the viewers in varying weather conditions, at dusk and at night – with a simultaneously considerable energy-saving effect.

In addition to the illuminated advertising, Westiform is equipping selected Vaudoise branches with a digital information system (digital signage). With this, Vaudoise provides customers and passersby with information in the form of videos, photos and online news on screens. The content can be adjusted individually and easily for each location.

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