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Zurich Public Transport (VBZ)

Three underground tram stops in Zurich shine in a new, comfortable light. Westiform has implemented the innovative lighting concept - from prototypes to final assembly.

Between Milchbuck and Schwamendingerplatz, the tram tracks run underground in Zurich. For the longest time, the tunnel system built in the 60's was a gloomy place for public transport users. Recently, a new lighting makes for a bright and friendly atmosphere.

Triangular ceiling and pendant lamps made of metal and polycarbonate with a leg length of up to 3.5 meters make for a pleasant light at entrances and tram stops. Green and orange light-bands mounted on the side walls give the space depth and lead the commuters pleasantly to their destination.

Outside, triangular illuminated signs with a tram logo show travellers the way to the entrance stations. Westiform realized the project from A to Z. From advice for architects and lighting designers to manufacturing and final assembly of the individual elements

Architecture: www.raumgleiter.com
Lighting design: www.nachtaktiv.li

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