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With a diameter of more than four metres, the Teekanne logo on the tea company's new production and logistics building in Düsseldorf is visible even from afar. Westiform manufactured the illuminated transparency using stretched fabric technology.

Lightweight illuminated elements with seamless surfaces can be created thanks to stretched fabric technology. The Teekanne logo was applied to the special transparent fabric using digital printing technology, and the fabric was then stretched on an aluminium frame.

High-quality printing and the right illumination are decisive for producing the desired visual effect. In order for the Teekanne logo to project a steady illumination that is never too bright or too weak, Westiform installed an automatic dimming function so that the luminosity of the LEDs adapts to the ambient light. The lighting system is connected to the building's control network and can also be regulated manually.

Westiform also manufactured a non-illuminated Teekanne logo with a three-metre diameter for the interior. Thousands of employee photos were compiled for the logo and printed on an Aludibond panel using digital technology.

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