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For years now, Westiform has been building indoor and outdoor illuminated advertisement panels and signs for Tchibo, all across Europe. Designated contact persons thereby reduce the coordination efforts, despite numerous custom-built systems, ensuring the basis for a successful cooperation. New: The segment Tchibo Prozente now welcomes their customers through a remarkable and brightly illuminated entrance portal that is adjusted to its environment.

Tchibo Prozente is a segment of the Tchibo chain, where not only the commodity groups Women’s, Men’s, Children’s, Sports, Household, Living and Technology are offered, but also the current Tchibo Theme Worlds as well as the attractive coffee assortment.

Before customers step into the Tchibo Prozente shop they are now greeted by a bright and attractive entrance portal. It is made of secure acrylic glass and is illuminated by energy-saving LEDs.

There are no standardised illuminated signs for single Tchibo Prozente shops. Each store receives its own illumination system that is adapted to the surroundings and the building, thus playing the gallery perfectly. For example, in Stuhr Brinkum near Bremen the entrance portal had to be fitted with slight curves to an archway.

To make the entrance look more three-dimensional, the characters were cut out so that the printed acrylic characters only had to be inserted.

Westiform supplies Tchibo Europe-wide, among others in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Spain, the Czech Republic, and also in Switzerland. Tchibo is supported by a Westiform team, which is characterized by high consistency over the project period and it knows the requirements and the corporate design as well the back of their own hands. Therefore Tchibo benefits from years of collected know-how and significantly lower coordination.

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