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Swisscom Shops

By the end of next year, Swisscom will rebuild their shops based on an innovative concept. Westiform will supply them with equipment components for their visual communication: multi-screen installations, luminous and non-luminous lettering and wf I Mira illuminated transparencies.

To cater for the increased technical knowledge and the wide-ranging expectations of their customers, Swisscom is redesigning its stores. The concept focuses on individual advice and the opportunity to experience products and services directly on site. In visual terms, Swisscom will rely on warm materials such as wood and textiles for their new corporate image. The intention is to make their customers feel comfortable.

For each shop, Westiform provides a non-illuminated lettering element made of flat chrome steel, a slim LED illuminated advertising sign, a wf I Mira illuminated transparency and three displays. The three aligned frameless 46-inch full HD screens will display pre-produced content and optionally Swisscom TV.

As far as products are concerned, Westiform will focus on low energy consumption and sustainability. The illuminated lettering and signs can be adapted individually and infinitely to the ambient light with the dimmer function. The front of the wf I Mira transparencies made of printed textile fabric can be replaced easily and without tools. Thanks to a technology developed by Westiform to ensure optimal light diffusion, wf I Mira only needs a small number of LEDs.

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