SGL Arena

The football stadium of FC Augsburg has acquired a new main sponsor and namesake: the SGL Carbon Group. Westiform has given the stadium a complete lettering makeover. A clever design allows the illuminated letters to radiate blue and red in daylight and white at night.

Westiform manufactured and installed three large-scale illuminated signs. The SGL logo with the red dot has a maximum diameter of 5.5 metres. The letters “SGL” are 4.5 metres tall, and the word “arena” is 3.5 metres tall.

In daylight, the lettering is illuminated in blue and red, while it is white at night.
Westiform achieved this effect with a new design: the blue lacquered metal fronts of the letters are perforated. The hole matrix was superimposed on the LED grid in the background. Two LEDs are used for each dot on the grid: one emits blue and red light, and one emits white light.

The energy consumption of the illuminated signage is minimal. A sensor that is attuned to the ambient light automatically regulates the brightness of the LEDs and adjusts them according to the surrounding light both during the day and at night. This allows the red and blue LEDs to be regulated separately, thus further reducing electricity consumption.

In order to be able to make the stadium ad-free as rapidly as possible, the letters are suspended on the façade’s substructure with securing pins. The logo can be separated into two parts for ease and safety of handling.

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