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Raiffeisen Service Contract

Raiffeisen banks ensure that their strong brand always makes a brilliant impression and that more than 3,600 illuminated brand elements are always in good working order. Westiform’s service contract enables all branches of Raiffeisen banks to enjoy ‘carefree all-round’ service.

Raiffeisen has established itself as Switzerland’s third largest banking group. Its unique strength lies in its local focus.

Over 1,800 locations throughout Switzerland are identified by more than 3,600 high-quality illuminated signs. Each individual element represents the Raiffeisen brand in public. The banking group has set up a service contract with Westiform to ensure that it always presents itself in the best possible light and to extend the service life of its illuminated signage.

Each Raiffeisen location is cleaned and maintained at two-year intervals. The service package for the successful brand includes:

• Complete external and internal cleaning of external identification elements
• Conservation of acrylic glass elements with special and antistatic cleaning agents
• Inspection of mechanical and electrical connections
• Replacement of faulty components with original parts
• Reporting of any cases of vandalism

Westiform carries out this service at around 900 locations each year. Efficient coordination and documentation is essential for the process. The dates are announced and arranged at least two weeks in advance. All services performed are documented in a work report. 

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