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PwC is number one in the auditing and consulting industry in Switzerland. As part of its corporate repositioning, the company has revamped its corporate design. The new PwC illuminated signage was manufactured by Westiform.

The new brand of PwC is colorful and warm, based on the guiding principle, "Building relationships - creating value".The advertising agency required that the six colour tones of the illuminated sign and lettering be reproduced as closely to the original as possible.

The solution from Westiform achieved this impressively. The illuminated signage elements are equipped with top-quality LEDs and coated with digital printing. The PwC logo is raised and illuminated laterally as well as frontally. Thanks to an integrated dimming function, the brightness of each sign can be easily adjusted to comply with local bylaws.

In just six weeks, Westiform equipped all 14 PwC locations in Switzerland with interior and exterior illuminated lettering, illuminated transparencies, pylons and film lettering. Westiform was also responsible for the previous modification of PwC’s corporate design in 1998.

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