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With a digital signage solution by Westiform, customers can discover the range of services and products offered by PostFinance at selected post offices. The touch-screen is simple and easy to use.

The advantages of the complete Westiform solution include content management software. It features intelligent rights management, can be operated via a web browser and enables users to create animated content. Data transmission from the server to the displays / player PC takes place outside the post network via UMTS.

Westiform implemented the project from A to Z: from consultancy to supply, right through to commissioning the software and hardware. Westiform also produced the illuminated steles with lettering which provides the information point with a framework. These are fabricated from robust and elegant aluminium composite material. The LED illumination provides pleasant lighting.

The information points are a pilot project of PostFinance. Some of the information points are equipped with digital information media, and others are not. After a test phase, PostFinance will decide which type of information point is to be implemented.

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