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Police Inspectorate in Nuremberg

Three illuminated ellipses made of transparent glass adorn the entrance to the police inspectorate in Nuremberg. The filigree project implemented by Westiform appears to float in the air.

The light art project for the new building of the police inspectorate in Nuremberg bears the hallmarks of the light planners from Arup in Berlin. Each ellipse is suspended in a different corner and at a different height. When you look upwards from a certain point, the rings are aligned precisely to the illuminated cross hairs on the ceiling.

In order to make the play with perspective succeed, an impression of freely floating objects must be created. Arup and Westiform developed this minimalistic suspended display in close collaboration with each other. The delicate neon tubes are fixed to a stainless steel ring with transparent clips. The rings are attached to the ceiling at four points with fine stainless steel cables.

Westiform designed an unobtrusive metal duct for the suspension. This simultaneously serves as support for the neon tubes of the cross hairs. As a result, the art object appears to float in the room and despite its size – the largest ellipse measures 3,5 metres x 2,3 metres – has a filigree appearance.


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