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Orsay Shopfitting

Since 1975, Orsay has been offering its customers the latest fashions in clothing and accessories. Today, the textile company has more than 660 shops in over 25 countries. Westiform supplies Orsay with illuminated elements for its interior and exterior areas and acts as a general contractor.

A 2.5-metre-long and 8-cm-deep Orsay illuminated lettering element outside highlights the store’s entrance. The lettering is made of silver-lacquered frames and a superimposed front of white PMMA and is fitted with energy-efficient LEDs. 
Illuminated lettering measuring 1.73 metres long and 21 cm high is mounted behind the cashier’s rear cabinet. Made of plexiglass, it has a creamy white varnish and is illuminated from the front with encapsulated LEDs.
The lettering is extremely narrow thanks to a construction depth of just three centimetres. A minimal number of LED points were installed inside so that the lettering elements consume very little energy.
In its showroom, Orsay utilises the innovative and energy-efficient wf I Mira illuminated textile signs. They are available in a range of sizes and require minimum space thanks to a depth of just four centimetres, making them ideal for use in display windows. The fronts made from textile cloth can be changed easily by shop attendants without any tools, and are also dimmable.
In addition, Westiform provides Orsay with banners and projecting signs.
Westiform requires less than six weeks from order confirmation to the final installation of the illuminated elements in and around your store.

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