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Orsay illuminated lettering

Unique corporate design that attracts attention is particularly important in the highly competitive fashion industry. Westiform has designed animated illuminated lettering which is now to be deployed in selected locations.

The letters which make up the Orsay lettering begin to light up from left to right - like in a scanner. The transitions are continuous. Orsay can change the animation at any time and programme it from top to bottom, from right to left, or faster and slower.
When the letters are not illuminated, they look like conventional lettering.
The lettering elements of acrylic sheet are extremely slim with a depth of 25 mm. A minimal number of LED points is installed inside so that the lettering elements consume very little energy at 20.5 watts.
In addition to the lettering elements, Orsay uses the innovative and energy-saving wf I Mira illuminated transparencies for point of sales publicity. With a depth of four centimetres, the slim illuminated transparencies take up very little space. They can be dimmed and connected to the building control systems. The fronts of textile fabric can be replaced easily and without tools. 

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