Fresh visual highlights for Opel car dealerships

An illuminated portal will enhance the main entrances of OPEL dealerships in the future to provide customers with a suitable welcome to the world of OPEL and encourage them to enter the showrooms. The entrance portal adds fresh highlights thereby creating an expressive brand image.

The impressive entrance portal radiates a sunny yellow glow day and night that conforms to CI regulations and guides customers to the main entrance of the OPEL dealership. The front is made of safety glass with a raised OPEL lightning bolt. The ‘welcome’ text of white quality foil is installed in the appropriate local language. The element is illuminated with energy-efficient LED lights. In order to be able to best adapt the portal to each dealership building and entrance, it is available in three sizes as well as in a left-aligned or right-aligned version.

The entrance portal is a new permanent feature of the fresh OPEL architectural design for dealers. Four pilot locations have so far been equipped with the brand element. Over the next few years, more than 4,000 dealers across Europe will receive the portal.

Westiform manufactures the top-quality branding elements in its own production plants and manages the Europe-wide logistics as well. We rely on our expert, international partner network for the installation process. Westiform partners are professionally trained during the initial installation. This process ensures that our customers receive the same high level of quality service around the world.

OPEL trusts Westiform. The company involved us early on in the development of the new entrance portal as a proven partner in the field of illuminated signage.

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