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Westiform makes the Treasure of Europe visible in China

Chinese characters are very appellative. The Chinese characters for Opel - “欧宝” - literally mean “Treasure of Europe”, reflecting the exquisite brand image of Opel in China. This significance is now resembled with Westiform’s first-class illuminated advertising materials, which are delivered to dealers throughout China.

OPEL, the Treasure of Europe, will receive a new labelling in China. The illuminated advertising elements are characterised by the continuous use of glass. The tubular steel construction is surrounded by glass elements and highlights the unique transparent design. The yellow and blue colours of the glass elements have been developed by Westiform experts with a special screen printing process. The colour effect of the CI-compliant sun-yellow is enhanced by the sapphire-blue borders. The entire corporate design program includes pylons, facade clips, name plates, injection moulded logos, and LED illuminated letters for the dealers’ names, entrance gates as well as guidance systems and flags.

In mid 2012, Westiform Shanghai was contracted by General Motors China as general contractor for the implementation of the new design for the Opel dealers in China. Our Chinese branch will take on the responsibility for the survey, production / purchases, assembly, distribution and mounting throughout China.

Since 1985, Westiform has cooperated successfully with the General Motors Group. Meanwhile, Westiform has equipped more than 4,000 OPEL dealers throughout Europe and the entire world with labelling elements.

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