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Munich Airport

Thanks to the illuminated Super Signs manufactured by Westiform, Munich Airport has been given a striking new look. The nine-metre-high, animated elements welcome passengers, visitors and employees on the eastern and western access roads.

The Super Signs are part of the new branding strategy for Munich Airport. Westiform manufactured two "Ms" for the airport and three "connectors" that replicate the upstroke of the "M". With their height of nine metres, the elements are visible from afar and act as the airport's public signature.

When it contracted out the development and manufacturing of these out-of-the-ordinary signs, the airport was able to rely on Westiform's expertise and many years of experience. The signs are made of a steel frame covered with stretched fabric on the front and with white lacquered metal on the sides. The latest LED technology was installed in the interior of the elements.

High-performance LED modules ensure that a minimum of LED points are used for the white illuminated elements, producing a homogeneous and pleasant lighting effect. The illumination of the CI-colour, animated "connectors", or upstrokes, of the "Ms" presented an extremely difficult technical challenge. The red, green and blue LEDs are manipulated in such a way that they reflect the blue, purple, orange and green of the airport's colours precisely and seamlessly.

The luminosity of the LEDs automatically adapts to the ambient light using sensors. This reduces energy consumption, and instead of being either too glaring or too dim, the signs' lighting effect is intense and attractive at all times, both day and night.

>> Movie of the installation

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