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Mobiliar is investing in the modernisation of its illuminated signage. Over a period of four years, Westiform is converting the old neon installations to LED. Mobiliar is looking after both the environment and its budget as a result. The insurance company is reducing electricity costs for illuminated signage by more than half.

Energy efficiency and environmental protection are corporate values which come naturally to Mobiliar, Switzerland’s oldest private insurance company. That’s why Mobiliar has commissioned Westiform to convert its old neon illuminated signage to modern LED technology in 56 locations. Thanks to this decision, it will save 78,700 kWh of electricity per annum, which eliminates the equivalent of eleven tonnes of CO2 emissions and more than halves its annual electricity costs.

The conversion from neon to LED is not only positive in ecological and energy efficiency terms. The illuminated signage will also be more reliable, as the older neon tubes are liable to fail at low temperatures. Neon tubes also rapidly lose their luminosity with increasing age – they appear blotchy and dark.

Modernisation is taking place over a period of four years and is combined with a well-conceived service plan. Mobiliar already has its illuminated signage cleaned and maintained regularly by Westiform, and whenever this service is carried out, the corresponding installation will be converted to LED onsite. The advantages are obvious: the illuminated signage does not have to be dismantled, Mobiliar does not lose any brand visibility, and expenditures are reduced considerably.

Maintaining the exact colour effect is a difficult task when changing from one lighting source to another. For Mobiliar, Westiform uses LEDs in a specific shade of red that corresponds exactly to the corporate design guidelines.

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