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The Meyer Burger Group is a leading, globally active technology group developing innovative systems and processes based on semiconductor technologies, with a focus on the area of photovoltaics. Westiform manufactured the elegant exterior lettering for the company’s new competency centre in Thun. Glass as a primary material is found both in the architecture of the new building as well as in the lettering, and creates a harmonising element.

In cooperation with the cosiX agency, Westiform designed the exterior signage elements for the new Meyer Burger competency centre in Thun. The elements consist of pylons of various sizes and adhesive foil for the facing. Glass as a material appears as a constant theme throughout the design of the elements.

Visitors are welcomed by a pylon measuring 2500 x 5000 mm as they turn in to the premises. Despite its imposing size, the signage integrates perfectly into the surroundings. The panels of the pylon are made of glass that is the same colour as the glass facing of the building, thus creating a harmonious effect. The logo lettering is negatively recessed between the glass panels and is illuminated in white at night. The lateral walls, which are also illuminated in white, serve as background lighting.

It was no easy task to make the pylon’s fastenings invisible. The counter-profile, which was attached to the pane, was able to be hung with the help of an angle-covered mounted fastener. This allowed Westiform to carry out a screw-free installation.

The Meyer Burger logo, together with the enlarged cut-outs of the picture trademark placed on the building complex. highlight the clear architectural lines. The elements were applied to the glass façade using a white matte weather-resistant premium foil.

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